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Male infertility way a person isn’t always capable of beginning a being pregnant together along with his lady partner. Male infertility may have many causes. You might not make sufficient sperm or healthful sperm. You may also have a genetic hassle like cystic fibrosis. You may also have a blockage on your genital tract.


What Is The Male Infertility?

Male Infertility Treatment Doctor Roy Sahab Kanpur

Male infertility is any fitness difficulty in guys that refers to a male’s lack of ability to purpose being pregnant in a fertile lady. Male infertility is the result of low sperm production, peculiar sperm feature, or blockages that save you the shipping of sperm. Illnesses, injuries, persistent fitness problems, way of life alternatives, and different elements can play a position in inflicting male infertility. Hence, the male infertility remedy in India has excessive demand. In metro towns like Kanpur, Lucknow, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkatta,  humans seek advice from infertility professionals in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India to remedy the male infertility problems.

What Are The Signs & Symptoms of Male Infertility?

Look for the signs and symptoms below:

  1. Swelling and ache withinside the genital region
  2. Low intercourse desire
  3. Trouble getting an erection
  4. Retrograde ejaculation

What Are The Reasons For Male Infertility?

Hormonal imbalance:-

An increase or lower in the quantity of any hormone liable for sperm manufacturing can purpose infertility.


Increased pressure hormones can lessen the degrees of testosterone and in turn, lower the sperm count.

Chromosomal abnormalities:-

Males with Klinefelter syndrome have an extra ‘X’ chromosome (XXY) of their genetic make-up. Such guys will now no longer have sufficient sperm or no sperm of their testes.

Genetic situations:-

Low sperm counts because of particular genetic situations including an autoimmune disorder wherein your frame produces antibodies that assault your sperm. Obesity: Being obese can lessen the degrees of testosterone hormone, accordingly affecting sperm first-class and count.

Blockage or obstruction:-

A block withinside the tubes that by skipping the ejaculate can save you the shipping of the sperm.

Lifestyle habits:-

Excess smoking, especially marijuana or hash smoking, has proven to lessen sperm count, sperm first-class, or harm to the sperm DNA. Recent research has proved that the offspring of couples with an immoderate smoking dependency could have a  better chance of adolescent cancers. Excess alcohol consumption, the usage of leisure drugs, ingesting dangerous meals additionally make contributions to infertility.

Injury or contamination:-

Any trauma to the testis or testicular contamination can purpose the testis to forestall generating the sperms.

Other reasons: Chemotherapy or out-of-control diabetes can affect sperm technology and first-class. Sometimes the purpose of infertility stays explained.

When To See A Doctor For Male Infertility Treatment

Semen evaluation:

It is a male fertility check that begins offevolved with a semen pattern series in a smooth container. The male can masturbate and launch the ejaculate completely. The first few drops of the semen are very wealthy in sperms. Hence, you need to cautiously acquire the semen after which provide it for an exam.

common sperm rely upon is around 15 million to 2 hundred million in keeping with ml of the ejaculate.

Sperm rely much less upon than 15 million, we name oligospermia or low sperm rely upon. Less than 5 million  is intense oligospermia meaning significantly decreased sperm rely upon.

Not best the rely however we additionally have to test the sperm motility, morphology, and viability because it performs an extensive functionAll 3 purposeful parameters collectively name an awesome sperm evaluation.

The morphology is the form of the sperm head, or the sperm tail needs to be popular because it performs crucial function in attaching the egg. The sperm nice is tested below an excessive magnification microscope.

Analysis of hormonal levels: 

In some cases, there isn’t always even an unmarried sperm withinside the ejaculate, i.e. Azoospermia. In such cases, we do a hormone evaluation of the men. We test the testosterone level, the FSH, LH, Thyroid, etc.

Ultrasound: The 0.33 exam that you may do is an ultrasound of the testis. Ultrasound determines the shape and length of the testis.
Genetic testing: in some cases, we additionally advise male genetic testing. One looks as if a male, however once in a while there may be an additional X withinside the genetic make-up.

For example, men with Klinefelter syndrome have XXY. Such men will now no longer have sufficient sperm or no sperm of their testes.


Male infertility deserves the same medical attention as female factor infertility.

Assessment of an infertile couple should include the assessment of the male partner at the outset given the frequency of male contribution to this problem.

This will enable detection and early treatment of the many treatable conditions that can potentially negate the need for any sophisticated assisted reproduction technique. Furthermore, with the exclusion of these conditions, any unnecessary delay to assisted reproduction can be reduced, which may have a significant impact on the eventual success rate. 

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